Summer Work Experience

Do you have a summer job? Would you like to earn extra credit over the summer? If possible see Mr. Immel, Mrs Gloin or Mr. Graf before June 30. If this isn't possible,  follow the easy steps listed below!

1. GET A CONTRACT!  If you get a job between July 1 and August 30th and want to earn Work Experience credits, you MUST have a contract BEFORE hours can be counted. Contracts are available here.

2. CONTACT   Mr. Immel (403-952-6061) or Mrs. Gloin (403-866-8161)  or Mr Graf (403- 5041-3237) When you have completed filling in the contract and it is signed by you, your parents and your supervisor be sure to text or call  Mrs. Gloin or Mr. Immel/Graf immediately.They will come to the work place and get you set up with time sheets and credit procedure.

3. BENEFITS: 15 CREDITS  can be used towards earning a high school diploma Time table flexiblity....10 credits can be put towards the 30 credit requirement for grade 12 credit load. Work Experience grades can be applied towards earning the Rutherford Scholarship for grades 10/11/12 (up to $2500)

4. Work Experience can begin and end at any time during the year and is not a semestered course!